Enem Car Invertor DC 12V to AC 220V 150 Watt With USB Port

  • Enem Car Invertor DC 12V to AC 220V 150 Watt With USB Port

  • This clever power inverter equips your vehicle with a standard 3-pin power socket (like the one in your home or office)

  • Plug this in-car ac wall power socket into the cigarette lighter socket of your car and you can plug in most electrical devices (laptop, handheld, portable hi-fi equipment and even a small television)

  • 150w power output. It Can power most of your appliances when you are on the road. In-built protection from short circuits, over loading, reversed polarity and over-heating and equipped with a battery-low shutdown function

  • The output is 220 volts & Bonus USB power socket for I-Pod, cell phone and other USB powered devices.

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Product Description

With this device you won’t need to buy an in-car power supply for any device – because almost all electrical devices are supplied with an ac power supply. The device can convert DC-12 Volts electricity provided by the automobile into ac power, its ac outlet operates like your house main socket and be widely used with those electric equipments which power consumption up to 150 watt ,such as mobile, laptop, MP3,Ipod ,printer, camcorders, digital cameras , palm pilot , electric light, car TV, razor, hair dryer , juice maker, DVD player, fan, game boy, coffee maker , bottle cooler, vacuum cleaner , car refrigerator , rice cooker etc . Also comes with USB charging port for all major brand laptop computer, digital camera, car DVD etc